Title Fit for purpose design saves construction costs
Author Mitchell, R
Conference AusRAIL PLUS 2013, Driving the Costs out of Rail, 26-28 November 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Publication Date 2013
Location Server
Abstract To use fit-for-purpose design and construction, you must be brave. You must work with your Client early on to establish shared specific goals and milestones for the delivery of the project: Proper incentives for cost savings as well as for achieving on-time (or earlier) project delivery are also essential. A safe project must be the overarching priority. As the engineer you must also:
· Work closely with your Client (akin to a partnership);
· Build a high performance team;
· Always engineer with the end user needs in mind;
· Scour the globe for the best fit standards; and
· Source best fit materials and contractors.
In this manner you can build a “fit for purpose” railway that cuts the costs.
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12. Ron Mitchell, Ausenco
Subjects Project evaluation
Project management
Cost effectiveness