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Title Granville - the untold story
Author Hickey, M
Conference Permanent Way Institution (PWI) NSW 2010 Annual Convention: the Global Perspective
Publication Date 2010-10-29
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Abstract Many of the older members of the PWI will know the story of the Granville train derailment. Some of us were unfortunate enough have been be present at the site. This paper will provide a brief outline of the worst rail disaster in Australia’s rail history. The paper will also provide some insights into events (some might say “contributing factors”) leading up to this derailment and also the actions that occurred as a result of this tragedy. The reason for this paper is that the Granville derailment provides valuable lessons in rail safety that need to be revisited, so that the lessons are not forgotten. The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and not the views of the author’s current employer or any past employer or of the Permanent Way Institution.
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Paper 5 Granville - The Untold Story
Subjects Crash
Crash analysis
Crash cause