Title On-board wheel-rail noise monitoring for the direction of track maintenance
Author Dwight, R
Jiang, J
Conference CORE 2006, Rail achieving growth, Conference on Railway Engineering, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 30 April-3 May 2006
Publication Date 2006
Location Server
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Abstract An on-board wheel-rail noise monitoring system is reported that is capable of recording and qualifying overall wheel-rail noise, as well as identifying wheel squeal, flanging and impact noise from the background rolling noise. A GPS receiver is integrated to locate the noisy track sections. The integration of a yaw rate sensor allows the detection of curve radii and length. The on-board noise monitoring system can be used to direct track maintenance. One particular application is to correlate the identified wheel flanging noise to rail track lubrication condition. Field testing on a revenue-service train over a set corridor shows that ineffectively lubricated curves can be identified using the wheel flanging noise indicator.
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CORE 2006_Dwight
Subjects Railway track
Maintenance management